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You’ll need to know how to sell your product and brand as an experience, not just a two-dimensional logo attached to your product. Because nowadays it does not work actually. Experiences have the power to make people want to get involved with your brand; they also create strong first impressions and lasting memories.


Along with excellent SEO practices and the use of buzz-generators (like local events and social media campaigns), one of the best ways to shape an immersive experience around your brand is creative content. Creative content is a spice term that’s used to describe the various test of enriched multimedia that should form a core part of your online presence and marketing strategy.

There is our spice hub, with that we can serve you a testy campaign

Campaign Design

Following the trend is a key feature of marketing and increasing brand value. That’s why campaigns have a great value to the all worldwide giant company. If you see Nike, Disney, Lego, Apple they all promote their product through creating a campaign. They know, human’s emotion is one of the most important influencing sectors to purchase a product or service. So, campaign design with trends and emotion is super important. And we successfully design those campaigns with proper plan and execution.

Explainer Video

Research suggests 65% of social media users are visual learners. 30% are auditory & only 5% are kinesthetic. Here explainer videos can change your bet! Because 80% of the visual learners can remember a video for months! So why not invest on your product explainer video and increase the probability of your sell

2D Animation

Animation video has brought a dynamic dimension in the showcase of creativity. Presentation via cartoon animation can make your product more attractive to the consumers. If you are targeting the young generation as your audience, then animation video is your best bet! Because, 65% of the learners are visual learners!

Infographic & Documentary

To engage your consumer, push them to share and enjoy a video, you must need an infographic video. You can make a cool and wonderful documentary video with proper motion and information. Those videos work for a good conversation starter. So, don’t hold yourself back to make an infographic or documentary video.

Motion Poster

Good presentation of your product can multiply the increase of your sales. House of Innovation is ready to do this hard part for you. Contact us now to get pro level support from our team 24/7.


There is no replacement for video marketing in the digital world. 87% marketers have chosen video marketing as a main process to promote their business. Television commercial & online video content both are equally effective to promote your business. Research suggests that people spend one-third of their time on social media watching videos & 40% of these videos are about different commercials! So, to make your own video content, contact House of Innovation now!


A good GIF can be playful and full of dynamism, or it can be slow and smooth; whatever describes the feeling behind the moving images. The key is to understand what makes an eye-catching GIF and create a language that fits the mood of the message.
Size and quantity offer flexibility, which are two advantages of using posters as an advertising medium for a small business.